Shaping Tomorrow's
Food Landscape

We are leveraging our continent-spanning research and development network to help you develop and scale cultivated animal products, at a significantly lower cost than industry norm.

Pioneering the Future of Cultivated Food

We represent the convergence of cost-efficiency and pioneering science. Through our cutting-edge bioplatform and tailored solutions, including media development, cell line creation, and bioreactor plans, we are your partners in constructing the future of food.

Achieve Cost Efficiency of Bioreactor Operations

Our breakthrough bioprocessing operations enable you to achieve over 10x reductions in bioplatform capital expenditure and operational costs – a level significantly lower than industry benchmarks. Our proprietary sterilisation and bioprocess technology further simplifies bioreactor operations, making high-volume production more accessible and affordable.

Leverage Product Development Agility

Backed by our team’s diverse expertise, we deliver an agile and efficient product timeline. By adeptly navigating the regulatory landscape and focusing on early-stage bio-product development, we facilitate rapid market entry for our partners.

Attain Intuitive Design and Flexibility

Our fully automated bioreactor systems streamline cultivated product development. Benefit from our end-to-end manufacturing system, specifically designed to simplify tech transfer and operation. Our intuitive and adaptable platform design fits a wide range of product lines, making it simpler than ever to transition your concepts into scalable solutions.

How we scale up your process

Ready to Shape the Future of Food with us?

A New Form of Food

Our technology allows food producers to manufacture and launch delicious, sustainable, and animal-friendly products and brands. The company boasts continent-spanning capabilities with a commercial hub in the UK opening this year and R&D operations in South Africa.


We’ve built our company around a simple premise: innovative solutions, localised ingenuity, and global distribution. By focusing on efficiency, scalability, and quality, we provide proprietary technology licences to food producers and retailers worldwide. This approach is backed by comprehensive consultancy services to help businesses maximise production.


Our vision? We envision a world where delicious, nutritious, and cultivated food, produced in sustainable and harm-free systems, is accessible to everyone.

About us

Welcome to Newform Foods, where together we shape the future of food. Formerly known as Mzansi Meat Co., We’re on a mission to reinvent food systems for the benefit of our planet, our health and the lives of animals.


Born from the combined expertise of co-founders, Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia, Newform leverages over 20 years of experience in the alternative protein and biotech industries to bring innovative solutions to the market. Their diverse team of engineers and scientists have developed a bioplatform offering end-to-end solutions from prototype to pilot and beyond, simplifying the journey from lab to market.

Brett Thompson

Co-founder & CEO

Tasneem Karodia

Co-founder & COO

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